About us

Shanghai acrylic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the production, research and development of acrylic and plexiglass. It is famous at home and abroad. The plant site is located in Anting Dazhong Industrial Park, Shanghai International Automobile City. It has a standard plant, covering an area of more than 50 mu and about 30000 square meters.
The company introduces the latest foreign equipment, technology and technology from Britain, Japan and Taiwan, adopts reliable automatic production lines, and its raw material MMA is purchased from international famous factories to ensure the production of high-quality acrylic and plexiglass. The product performance indicators meet or exceed the national standards and the latest international standards, which are comparable to international well-known brands such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Germany. The company has been engaged in the acrylic industry for decades, and has experienced technology and marketing team. Its product quality is stable and reliable, and its sales network is spread all over the Chinese mainland city and exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.
Acrylic, commonly known as specially treated plexiglass. The research and development of acrylic has a history of more than 100 years. The polymerizability of acrylic acid was discovered in 1872; The polymerizability of methacrylic acid was known in 1880; In 1901, the research on the synthetic method of polypropionic acid was completed; In 1927, industrial manufacturing was attempted by using the above synthetic method; In 1937, the industrial manufacturing of methyl methacrylate was successfully developed, which entered large-scale manufacturing. During World War II, because acrylic had excellent strength, toughness and light transmittance, it was first used in windshield and field of view mirror of tank driver's cab. In 1948, the world's first acrylic bathtub was born, marking a new milestone in the application of acrylic.
In the 1960s, acrylic was widely used in various fields of civil products.
Building materials industry: sanitary ware and accessories, dressing table, sound insulation doors and windows, partition, daylighting cover, patio, skylight greenhouse, telephone booth, solar collector, ladder waist board, compartment stair platform degree board, building decoration board, furniture and daily necessities.
Mechanical instrument industry: machine cover and accessories, clock glass dial, electric fan, flowmeter.
Avionics and vehicles, aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles and other windscreens, signal lights, indicator lights, lighting lampshades, embedded astigmatism panels, baby incubators, various surgical and medical instruments.
Advertising and signboard industry: billboards, billboards, signboards, signs, signs, lighting fixtures, exhibition racks, light guide plates, LCD panels, photo frames, water travel boxes, etc.
Other industries: cultural goods, handicrafts, jewelry, medical treatment, optics, submarine and trench periscope and other industries.