• Introduction to the Application Performance of Acrylic in the Industry
  • Source: Hits:719 Date:2023-11-16
  • In the advertising industry, acrylic products are more common and present rich advertising colors with good visual effects. In fact, in other fields, the application of acrylic products is also very extensive.
    1. Architectural applications. For example, soundproof doors and windows, daylighting covers, or telephone booths can all use acrylic as the basic material.
    2. In transportation applications, doors and windows of vehicles such as cars and trains can also use acrylic, which not only has high hardness, but also does not become sharp fragments even if it breaks, making it relatively safer.
    3. In medical applications, acrylic products can also be found in baby care boxes and various surgical medical supplies. High safety in use, excellent weather resistance and mechanical processing characteristics.
    4. Many lighting applications, such as fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, or street lampshades, also use acrylic materials. The high transmittance does not affect the lighting effect, but rather provides a certain degree of protection.
    5. For home applications, many fruit trays and tissue boxes are made of acrylic products, which not only have high transparency but also look very bright in color.
    No matter in any usage environment, the performance of acrylic compared to other materials is very good, so it has a wide range of applications and has become a high-quality substitute for many materials in various industries.